The Buying Continuum: Marketing for the Customer Life Cycle

A video overview of the ways in which a business can market to the entire customer life cycle — the Buying Continuum — drawing on examples from Moo, Amazon and others.

The Customer Life Cycle

No Apple fanboy or fangirl was born a devoted brand ambassador — there were a number of steps between them becoming aware of Apple, and becoming a loyal brand advocate. The series of behaviours that such devotees exhibit during their lifetime of contact with a brand is sometimes called the Buying Continuum.

To move a potential customer or client through that life cycle, and turn them from disinterested party into passionate brand ambassador, you need to deliver effective marketing appropriate to each step of their journey.

In this video post I’m going to address some of the ways you can create marketing that will move someone from being unaware of your existence, through becoming a valued customer, to being a devoted advocate and member of your tribe. 

As you consider your marketing, ask yourself, “Am I using the correct channels, and creating the right content, for each stage of a customer’s buying life cycle?” If the answer is, “No”, will any of the ideas shown in the video work for you?

If you have any questions about creating marketing for each stage of the Buying Continuum, or if you’d like a FREE marketing consultation, please get in touch.

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Nick Irons

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Nick Irons is Co-founder and Creative Director of Tribus Creative Ltd., a brand communications company for small businesses. He spent almost fifteen years in the entertainment industry as a writer, producer, and performer, before moving into branding and design consultancy. He is a fervent believer in the power of storytelling to unlock the value in brands both big and small.