How to instil trust and confidence in your target audience

A still from the Buying Continuum video explaining the Aware stage of the customer journey

Expertise, Experience, Transparency. In a previous video post, Nick spoke about The Buying Continuum, and how to market for the full customer development cycle. The first stage was Unaware, and covered in our last month’s post on this topic. This post will expand on the points covering step two, Aware — how to develop a sense of trust and confidence with … Read More

The Buying Continuum: How to turn your social media followers into buyers


Have you ever seen those Twitter accounts that are following tens of thousands of people, and are being followed by roughly the same number? It seems to be a growing trend with users of the social network to follow any and every account they come across, in the hope that they receive the same in return. After some digging around, … Read More