The Evolution of Joy and Revolution


Just over two years ago we formed Joy and Revolution with the aim of making great websites, for great people. Since then, we have been lucky enough to work with some great clients from around the world.

A number of them came to us with concerns that their online brand was no longer an accurate reflection of what their organisation had become, and we worked hard with them to put that right. Over the last six months, however, we’ve realised that our own brand was becoming less aligned with the organisation we were becoming, so we, too, have decided to evolve. Today, we are excited to announce the changing of our name, our brand, and our service offering.

As of today, we will be called Tribus Creative Ltd – or simply Tribus (pronounced try-bus). Referring to the three ethnic divisions of Ancient Rome, it’s the Latin root of the word tribe, and we think it’s a name that perfectly reflects our new mission: to help our clients find their tribe – that group of people who aren’t just customers or clients, but are fans, advocates and ambassadors of their brand.

Tribus will be an integrated marketing agency, and drawing on our team’s unique experience in storytelling, digital, and visual communication, we will work with our clients to craft and communicate compelling stories to their markets. Web design and development will still be an important part of what we do, but whereas our work previously ended with us leaving our clients with a nice website, our integrated communications offering will now produce great content that can be distributed on that website, as well as through social media, print, audio and video.

If you’d like to learn more about how our tailored campaigns can help organisations reach new markets, win customers, make more sales, and build brand equity, drop us a line.