Jay Conrad Levinson

A photo of Jay Conrad Levinson by photographer Jack Atley

The father of Guerrilla Marketing, On the 10th October 2013,  we were sad to learn of the passing of Jay Conrad Levinson, who died at the age of 80. Known as the “Father of Guerrilla Marketing”, Levinson wrote many books on the subject of business marketing, advertising, and PR, and here at Tribus we base many of our activities on … Read More

6 tips for effective direct mail marketing for small business


When opening the post this morning, I came across a hand written envelope with an adhesive stamp in the top right corner. Intrigued, I grabbed the letter opener to see who was trying to communicate with us in such a semi-archaic manner. It turned out to be a local restaurant advertising their Christmas menu and encouraging us to book now. … Read More

Those Little Tikes: What WeBuyAnyToyCar teaches us about responsive marketing


Yesterday, WeBuyAnyCar.com, the used car website, demonstrated excellence in timely and authentic responsive marketing. At the weekend twitterer Jamie Jones (@jamieDMJ) (and, as it turned out, aka Adam Jennings) tweeted a photo of a letter purported to be from WeBuyAnyCar in which the company declined to buy his “Little Tikes” toy car. The letter turned out to be fake, but … Read More

How the chain came off Surbiton Cycles’ recent ad campaign

A photo of the Surbiton Cycles bus advert – Tribus Creative – Ad campaign analysis

Surbiton Cycles — Ad Campaign Analysis We’ve previously written about how Evans Cycles effectively targeted their audience through clever placement and timing of their advertising — their flyers hooked to the handlebars of bikes in the racks outside Waterloo station was a perfect example of “talking to your customers where they live”, and timed to coincide with the beginning of Spring … Read More

Is your value proposition clear to your customers?

Your Value Proposition — Tribus Creative brand communications for small business

“Our end-to-end solutions deliver a continuous stream of personalized messaging opportunities that craft a customer conversation in which information is captured, analyzed, enhanced and influenced in “real-time” to deliver authentic brand experiences that drive loyalty and positive business outcomes” Did you understand that? We didn’t either. It came from a website we came across recently, and we were surprised at … Read More

Business networking: An often overlooked brand touchpoint for B2B

Business Networking: an overlooked touchpoint for B2B — Tribus Creative brand communications

In the B2B marketplace, good business is built on strong relationships. This is because we buy into the people we are doing business with just as much as the service that they deliver. Face-to-face dialogue, where you shake hands and make eye contact, is arguably the most powerful way to market your business, and that initial conversation could blossom into … Read More

Small business marketing: How do you measure return on investment?


At some point, every small business owner asks themselves whether their marketing activities are making a difference, and they wonder if the time and money they are allocating to a marketing channel is yielding any kind of return on investment (ROI). The most effective way to measure return on investment is to build a system of metrics that gauge the … Read More

Email marketing for charities – Part 2


How I raised almost £500 with just five e-mails In part 1, I wrote about how compelling content, bold call-to-actions, and landing pages, can go a long way in persuading someone to donate to charity. In this final part on email marketing for charities, I’ll explain the importance of measuring success (or failure), and how to react and build momentum. … Read More

Email marketing for charities – Part 1


How I raised almost £500 with just five e-mails For any charity or non-profit organisation, fundraising plays a key role in their survival. It’s absolutely vital for staff, volunteers and supporters, to generate enough cash-flow for them to be able to carry out their mission, and the only way to achieve this is through effective, targeted marketing. Although it’s been … Read More

Resignation by cake — exemplary guerrilla marketing


A small business owner takes the guerrilla marketing principle to heart and achieves a marketing reach he couldn’t have imagined in his wildest dreams. Yesterday, the Guardian website (along with many others) featured an article about Chris Holmes, a Border Force immigration officer at Stansted Airport, England, who resigned from his post in a unique, and rather sweet way — … Read More

Topless bartenders and false advertising

I never ceased to be surprised and impressed by the inventive and fun ways that small businesses find to market their services and products. Take, for example, this simple chalk board sign I came across on the wall of a pub in Kingston upon Thames. False, but amusing, advertising. It was probably no coincidence that it was April 1st when … Read More

Never underestimate the importance of proofreading


Proofreading is so often overlooked. You’ve spent hours, days even, crafting the perfect copy — you spellchecked it, and read it so many times you know it back to front — surely, there’s no need to proofread it? At first glance, you may not notice anything wrong with this sign, but look again. They Welome Everyone If you’ve spent your … Read More

Protecting your Brand Identity Ecosystem

Protecting the Brand Identity Ecosystem — Tribus Creative, brand communications for small business

In my last post, I wrote about how we have recently established a web strategy that aims to develop, nurture and evolve an organisation’s online presence – we call it the Brand Identity Ecosystem. Fig 1: The Brand Identity Ecosystem with all of its possible elements. Building a successful ecosystem is not possible without measurement. Organisations must establish a means of measuring … Read More

What a comedian and an author can teach us about marketing on the web


What can a novelist with a still relatively small, but enthusiastic and rapidly growing fan-base, and a comedian with a non-mainstream but passionate audience teach us about content ownership and digital marketing? Control the medium, control the message Louis C.K. is not a particularly well known performer here in the UK, but in the United States he is rapidly becoming a household … Read More

The Brand Identity Ecosystem


The World Wide Web has come a long way in the last decade. As a species, our drive to connect, communicate and explore has given rise to a number of revolutionary online environments that have allowed people separated by thousands of miles to communicate at any time of the day, and with little cost. Facebook and Twitter are currently the … Read More